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Project 365 – Weeks 11, 12, 13 and 14

August 15, 2010

So….this post was in my draft folder, and should have been posted in July 29th!  But, right before I clicked publish, I realized I copied a link incorrectly in my mosaic and had some duplicate pics.  And I promptly lost the will to continue on.  Brunch with Betsey this morning reminded me of how behind I was!  So – I fixed it up, and added week 14 to the mix.  Hopefully I’ll be back to only one or two weeks at a time soon.

the original post : I’m clearly not making my desired 2 posts per week here at the ol’ blog….but I  am keeping up with Project 365 – which is almost as hard!  So here, a brief look at my life in pictures.

Week 11 (7/4 – 7/10)

Week 11

71 – Had a very lazy 4th of July

72 – Melinda’s last day in Winston!  We spent it watching Eclipse, followed by Mexican food at El Sombrero.

73 – blocking the Clapotis I made Mom for Christmas! (I gave it to her on time, she gave it back for blocking last month.)

74 – Knit fabric for a skirt…I’m wishing for a serger.

75 – Happy Birthday Mom!

76 – whipped up a potholder for a Ravelry swap

77 – brunch with Betsey at Breakfast Too, Mary’s of Course!  I had a breakfast club: fried egg, bacon, and avacado with pesto mayo on honey wheat toast.  AMAZING.

Week 12 (7/11 – 7/17)

Week 12

78 – the essentials

79 – finally finished my Everyone Outta the Pool socks!  LOVE.

80 – Today was the last shawl class – mine blocked out just lovely.

81 – Um, I’m a little embarrassed that I reached into my purse for a chapstick at work….and pulled these out.  I don’t have a problem, or anything.

82 – A little lighting bug flew into my living room and landed on this flower wrapped around my floor lamp.

83 – Bamboo yarn in my new yarn bowl!

84 – making progress on Melody shawl #2.  Worked on it while viewing How to Train Your Dragon at the $2.50 movies with the little bro.

Week 13 (7/18 – 7/24)

Week 13

85 – New art for my living room! An Emily original. More on this later.

86 – A tiny scooter…signs of the new neighbors.  (3 little boys, aged 7 and under…)

87 – $5 quilt night – I ordered the fancy ruler to make a quilt with the blocks like the red/white one on the design wall.

88 – Spent the evening moving stuff onto the external hard drive, so my poor laptop can continue to function.

89 – $.99 pattern sale at Joann’s – I saved $149!

90 – Pawley was not amused by my sock knitting.

91 – Kristen came over and we cooked Indian food for dinner.  Yum.

Week 14  (7/25 – 7/31)

Week 14

92 – little bro turns 19!

93 – new twitter picture, taken after drinks with an old friend.

94 – Made these cards for 2 co-workers on their last day.

95 – Fresh blueberries!

96 – Finally hanging up my new painting.  lazy, lazy.

97 – taking down my hair after girls night out

98 – the pants-skirt!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 18, 2010 9:03 pm

    YUM! Breakfast Of Course – so good. I taught her granddaughter last year. One of my favorite places to eat right now!

  2. August 22, 2010 9:37 pm

    I like your diversity with these photos–and nothing wrong with a lazy 4th.

    Pawley looks like our neighbor’s friend.

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