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Family and Father’s Day

June 21, 2010

Even though they make me crazy sometimes, I kind of lucked out in the family department.  I’ve got a good one.

Today, especially, I am grateful for my Dad. Even though he’s often one of the biggest crazy-making members of our family. Although I look just like my mother, my temperament comes right from my father. The things he does that makes me the craziest?  I find myself doing the same things. We overreact, and can’t always let go. We make big, elaborate plans that never come to fruition. We are always right…which is unfortunate when we don’t see eye to eye.

The good stuff, though – makes the crazy stuff disappear. He encouraged me in my schoolwork…but didn’t freak out (too much) when I came home from college and didn’t go back. He helped get my name out there when I was looking for a job, and he religiously watches out for my 401k stock holdings. He helped dig me out of a financial hole. He met me at the car repair place at 6:30 in the morning so I didn’t have to walk the 6 blocks to my office in the dark…and then when my car wasn’t fixed, he let me use his for a month.  Even though he’s reminded me twice this year that he and Mom got married when they were 26….well, I know he’s just looking out for me.

(Plus, my high standards are kind of his fault.  Shouldn’t all guys be able to fix your car, fix your computer, put an addition onto your house, wire the electricity for your garage and re-shingle the roof?  All while working full-time to support your wife and 5 kids? (uh – not that I want 5 kids.) And not to mention coaching soccer and teaching Sunday School.)

So thanks, Dad, for everything….even when I don’t act like it, I appreciate it.  Like today, when you picked a Magnolia flower off the tree so this picture wouldn’t show off my inappropriately low-cut dress.

Father's Day 2010

A few years ago, I made my Mom a stuffed heart “tattoo” for Mother’s Day.  She says it’s her favorite of all my tattoos! I spent the afternoon whipping up one for my Dad.

(For the knitters: made of leftover Malabrigo worsted in Shocking Pink.  Haven’t put it on Ravelry yet, but the pattern is linked above.  Modified to knit in the round – so much easier!)

Happy Father’s Day!


Project 365 – Weeks 5,6 & 7

June 14, 2010

So…..hi!  It seems that every time I think (and say out loud) that my life is going to slow down, well, then it pretty much explodes.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged.

I’m a little behind – in everything – but here’s 3 weeks worth of Project 365.  A good peek at what’s been going on in my life.

Project 365: Weeks 5 - 7

click here for larger pic

Week 5:

29. Went to the NC Ag Fair with Kristen and got these awesome owl buttons!

30. Thought about sewing…painted my toes instead.

31. This day pretty much passed in a daze of sinus pressure.

32. Working frantically to get this shawl knit.

33. Ally McBeal season 2 – yay!

34. My May recipe for Project 26 – Pina Colada Crunchers from HungryGirl.

35. Brunch with Betsey, followed by a photo shoot in the park – pictures for my e-harmony profile.  (Checking number 5 off the list!)

Week 6:

36. Went to a cookout with my college roommate…not that this picture has anything to do with it.

37. Came home to find this note on my door, containing the phone number of one of the guys painting the newly empty upstairs apartment…Sorry Vernon, but you’re a little (way) too old for me. (it said: Have a great day, BABE.)

38. Time to refresh the hair color.

39. Working on my socks for class.

40. New shoes…and sparkly pink toes.

41. Went on a first date!

42. Hangover cure: Tylenol and Coke.

Week 7:

43.  Got my bridesmaid’s dress for Kelly’s wedding, and it fits!

44. Book Club tonight: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

45. First Cables and Lace class….still working on mine.

46. Did you know you can buy a box of Mike and Ike’s with only the RED flavors? Yum.

47. My brother David graduated from High School today!

48. Lunch in the break room – a coworker brought me this Eclipse novella to read before the movie comes out. (If you’re planning to see it, I highly recommend this book – I was surprised at how much I liked it.)

49. Went with Kristen to donate blood for the first time. Checking number 25 off the list!


Clearly, it’s been a busy few weeks. And last week my boss announced no new time off could be scheduled until August…things probably won’t be slowing down, either work or personally.  However, I will try to be around here more; I miss it.

5/28 – Half Full Friday

May 28, 2010

I feel like my glass is overflowing today because:

  • It’s Friday, and I’m home instead of working!
  • And since Monday is Memorial Day I get a 4 day weekend. A much needed break.
  • I have a brunch date with Betsey tomorrow morning!
  • My college roommate is on her way into town right now and I’m super excited to see her!  It’s been at least 3 years.
  • I’m getting together with some knitters tonight and I’m going to try out a new recipe for some dessert – gotta get that May recipe in for Project 26.
  • My only other plans involve some quality time with Hulu and my knitting – I have 3 weeks of tv to catch up on and a shawl to finish.

If you are feeling half-full, then click the image above to join in and see who else is playing along.  Happy Friday!

WIP Wednesday

May 26, 2010

Could someone explain to me how it is possible that May is almost over?!  I feel like we should still be in March.  I guess this is a side effect to being soooo busy.

I’ve been working such long hours that I feel like I’m not getting much done outside of work.  Add that to spending the last few days in a Dayquil/Nyquil haze, well – it equals a very tired girl who lives in a messy apartment with no groceries!

I did have a little break this weekend when Kristen and I went to the Carolina Agricultural Fair at the NC State Fairgrounds.  We mostly went for the fiber festival, where we each got some fun yarn…and the cutest little owl buttons ever! It was nice to be away from everything for a while.  And on Monday after work, I had dinner with an old coworker.  The long weekend ahead shows promise for lots of resting and some time with friends.

Anyway – I used to do Work in Progress Wednesday on my old knitting blog.  And in sorting though the camera shots today I realized I have actually been making some progress, even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes! So I thought I’d squeeze this post in before Wednesday was over.

S0: I finished both my April and May quilt squares.  I didn’t finish the April squares until last Wednesday – right before the deadline.  But I brought home my May squares and had them finished by the weekend, so I’m ready to go when the June meeting rolls around!  I like these – I’ve been wondering when we would get a pink square!

I’m also, slowly but surely, working on this shawl.  I’m teaching a class on this starting in June, so I need to get it finished up.

And, some toe-up socks, 2 at a time, that I’m knitting along with my current sock-class students. I needed something a little more mindless after working on the shawl!

I have some other things going, but that’s all I can come up with now.  My (hopefully last) dose of Nyquil is kicking in and I am sleepy!

Project 365: Weeks 3 & 4

May 23, 2010

As always, I commit myself to something – like blogging more – and then my life pretty much explodes.  I’ve been working crazy hours, and most of my posts aren’t making it out of the draft section.  For those keeping track (which is probably just me), my google reader is now up to 1000+ unread posts (it doesn’t even count anymore!), and the unread email is up to 211.  The week ahead shows promise of slowing down, so hopefully I will be back to reading and commenting on your blogs soon!

I have been keeping up with Project 365 – and I’ll admit to being quite grateful for a camera phone with the ability to upload straight to flickr.  Makes things much easier on days I almost forget!

Project 354: Weeks 3 & 4

15. Taken with my phone – at an exceptionally good angle.  Hate that you can’t see the whole picture on the mosaic.  But how do I look like this one day (so thin!)…

16. And this the next?  Am I about to sneeze here?  This was a flat-iron day.

17. And this is a curly hair right out of the shower day.

18. Finished socks!

19. The woman I dog-sat for last weekend bought this yarn for me while she was on vacation – it’s hand-dyed locally in the town they were visiting. So sweet!

20. Ribbon was 50% off at Hobby Lobby – prefect timing for a baby gift project.

21. The fancy cuisine of Saturday night babysitter – frozen pizza and a juice box.

22. A sneak peek at the finished taggy blanket for Gena’s baby shower!  So fun to make.

23. Rainy Mondays are no fun.  But this ginormous rainbow umbrella is.  Sadly, it is too big to be practical…I got soaked trying to close it and get it in the car.

24. Why yes, I do always sit in the same spot on my couch.

25. My Kindle came today!  The outside of the shipping box is printed with “Once upon a time…”

26. Fabric for a summer-y skirt!  Now if I only had time to sew it up.

27. Already in bed, realized I hadn’t taken a picture.  Thinking it’s time to change to the more summer-y bedding.

28. I downloaded this colodriod game to my phone and

Hopefully I will have more posts surfacing from the drafts folder this week! Oh  – and if you’re looking for another blog to read, you should check fellow 20sb-er Ray J. over at Point Me to the Sky….not only does she have a great blog, she’s giving away an Amazon gift card in this post! Who couldn’t use that?

I jus need a book…

May 17, 2010

On Saturday night I babysat for two little boys.  That’s right, this twenty-something has such an exciting nightlife.

The almost 3 year old had a birthday party that morning, and we spent part of the evening reading his new books, which is one of my favorite babysitting activities.

About 30 minutes after the boys were asleep, I heard crying and peeked in on the bottom bunk-bed. H was sitting up, and when I whispered to lay back down, he said, “Miss Karen, I jus’ need a book from my shelf!”  They are allowed to look at books with their little night lights, so I grabbed a book of the shelf and handed it over.  He put it down beside him, patted it a few times, and then laid back down and went to sleep.  He didn’t want to read it, just have it nearby.  It was so cute.

The love of reading was instilled in me early on by my mother, and I think it’s super important.  All of my siblings are big readers too.  We didn’t watch much tv when we were younger, but we read lots of books!  In the last few years, I haven’t been reading as much.  Since I became a knitter, I watch wayyy more tv – it’s a lot harder to knit and turn pages than it is to knit and watch tv.

I have been reading much more in the past few weeks and am reminded of how much I love it.  Which is a good thing, because I took advantage of a morning off work a while ago and went to the Shepherd’s Center annual used book sale at the fairgrounds….and came home with 25(!) books.  For $20.  How could I pass that up?!

And, thanks to some birthday money and debit card rewards points traded in for Amazon credit, I am expecting a very exciting package in a few days.  I can’t wait!  I will definitely be reading a lot soon!

Project 365: weeks 1 & 2

May 10, 2010

I think Project 365 is going to be one of the more challenging aspects of my Project 26.  I’m not really a natural at photography, but I really like the idea of documenting this year. I’ve already had a few days where I only barely remembered to snap a picture before going to bed!

There are a ton of flickr groups, or the website to participate in.  I’m not sure if I’ll upload there, but I plan to post a mosaic every week or two here. I know a few people who did a whole year of self portraits, but I don’t know if I could keep up with that and still have fun!  I am loosely planning a photo of me at least once a week (though I didn’t get one this week), and the other photos of something significant for the day.  I may also try to have a few themed weeks….any ideas?

So, here’s the mosaic for the first two weeks!

Project 365: Weeks 1 & 2

  1. Birthday lunch with the family. (To be honest, my Mom took the photo – I’m playing it loose with the rules here!)
  2. My coworkers decorated my cube before I came into work Monday!
  3. Gifts from my youngest brother – he must take after our practical Mom. The socks did come in handy, though!
  4. The Glee soundtrack from my brother, John! I love it.
  5. Came home to a surprise package from Mickenzie! She sent a real letter, which makes me so happy – and encourages me to keep up with #26, which is to send a card every month.
  6. Birthday earrings!
  7. How is it MAY, already?!  These dates are filling up so quickly.
  8. Finishing up Love Walked In for book club.
  9. That’s right – there is a still a Christmas decoration up in my hallway.
  10. Crocheted an orange potholder for my friend Miranda – she just bought a condo and the kitchen is going to have an orange wall.
  11. Laundry day – I clearly know my colors.
  12. Dogsitting over the weekend for this little guy – I didn’t get a good shot of both dogs together.
  13. No – I did not run out of gas, but when I spent Friday getting my starter replaced, the repair guy left me this note so I wouldn’t forget to fill up.
  14. Taking advantage of house-sitting in a home with a jacuzzi tub, and reading the latest JD Robb novel. A pretty perfect Saturday night.

All pictures are, somewhat haphazardly, located in my flickr stream.  One day I’ll get around to organizing it!  You can see a bigger version of the mosaic here, if you want to see more detail.