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Project 26

Project 26 started on April 25, 2010 – my 26th birthday.  26 things I want to do….while I’m 26!

Italicized items are in progress, and those in bold have been completed.

  1. Participate in Project 365.
  2. Get my finances in better shape: rework my budget and actually track monthly.
  3. Deposit regularly to my savings account/establish an emergency fund.
  4. Visit 3 new churches.
  5. Try online dating.
  6. Turn my old college t-shirts into a quilt.
  7. Complete – not just piece together – at least one of the quilts from my $5 quilt class.
  8. Have people over to my home once a month.
  9. Get back to my ideal weight by August – in time for dress alterations for Kelly’s wedding.
  10. Maintain that weight, and still be there at 27.
  11. Do either couch to 5k or the 30 day Shred or some sort of organized workout.
  12. Blog at least twice per week, and make an effort to be more involved in 20sb and the blogging community.
  13. Read 52 books.
  14. Buy or make some artwork for my living room.
  15. Do something about my bedroom furniture: paint/buy/make a new headboard for my bed.
  16. Turn my extra room into a useable crafting/office space.
  17. Go to a wine tasting/event at a local vineyard.
  18. Make one new recipe per month.
  19. Visit at least one friend that lives out of town.
  20. Knit a beaded lace shawl.
  21. Sort through my clothes, shoes and handbags – sell or donate things that I don’t wear or use.
  22. Spend time with each of my siblings individually.
  23. Do a Beth Moore bible study.
  24. Get a new tattoo.
  25. Donate blood.
  26. Send a card snail-mail once a month.

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